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11.11.2015 Response to Trump's Comments on Immigration Ruling by 5th Circuit Court

11.10.2015 Christie’s Veto of Voting Rights Legislation a Regressive Attempt to Manipulate System at Expense of Voters

11.7.2015 Urgent Need for Constitutional Amendment, Protecting Voting Rights Discussed in Presidential Forum

10.30.2015 Step Forward for Criminal Justice Has Negative Collateral Consequences for Immigrant Justice, as Thousands Set to Face Deportation

10.29.2015 Chris Christie Wrong on FBI Director’s Claims

10.28.2015 FBI Director’s Statements about ‘Ferguson Effect” Reinforce Desperate Need for Police Accountability 

10.27.2015 Video of Student Assault in SC Make Clear That Police Officers Do Not Belong In Classroom

10.23.2015 Federal Judge Denies North Carolina Officials' Motion to Dismiss Photo ID Claim in Monster Voter Suppression Lawsuit 

10.20.2015 Honors Student Kiera Wilmot Who Was Expelled Over Science Project Attends Astronomy Night at White House, Holds Press Conference Today at 11:00 a.m. 

10.14.2015 Anti-Immigrant Ad Represents Latest in Racist Attacks Against Children and Families of Aspiring Americans

10.05.2015 Education and Community Leaders Launch New Model to Implement Restorative Practices, an Alternative Approach to Punitive Discipline, in Denver and Across the Country 

9.30.2015 Civil Rights Group Encouraged by Obama Administration's Committment to Dismantling School-to-Prison Pipeline; Urge Tangible Action

9.30.2015 Extremists in North Carolina Legislature Advance Harsh, Anti-Immigrant Policy

9.25.2015 In Amicus Brief Before U.S. Supreme Court, Civil Rights Attorneys Say “Voting Population” Not An Appropriate Basis for Drawing State and Federal Legislative Lines

9.22.2015 Advancement Project Celebrates National Voter Registration Day

9.16.2015 Advancement Project Supports Advocates Promoting the Voting Rights Advancement Act on Capitol Hill

9.11.2015 Shooting of 14-year-old Latino Boy Marks Yet another Racist Hate Crime

9.10.2015 New Report Urges Collaboration Between Racial Justice and LGBTQ Organizations to Address School Discipline Crisis 

8.31.2015 Advancement Project Applauds Launch of Online Voter Registration in PA

8.24.2015 Attack on Latino Man in Boston Is a Horrifying Result of Hateful, Racist Rhetoric

8.19.2015 Ten Years After Hurricane Katrina, Black New Orleans Has Not Recovered 

8.16.2015 An Iconic Jewel, Julian Bond Will Be Sorely Missed

8.14.2015 Police Officials in Ferguson Take Intimidation and Abuse to New, Unprecedented Level; Impose New Tactics to Harass and Silence Vulnerable Residents

8.10.2015 Advancement Project and Lawyers’ Committee to Host Reading and Panel Discussion on Ari Berman’s New Book, Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America

8.9.2015 Ferguson Action Council Responds To Police Shooting of Tyrone Harris, Jr. During #UnitedWeFight Weekend 

8.7.2015 Advancement Project Co-Director Penda Hair Delivers Remarks at White House on 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Voting Rights Act

8.6.2015 GOP Candidates Miss Mark on Racial Justice in First Presidential Primary Debate

8.6.2015 Advancement Project Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

8.5.2015 Huge Voting Rights Victory in Texas

7.30.2015 As North Carolina Officials Try to Defend Voter Suppression Law, Their Arguments Fall Apart Under Scrutiny 

7.24.2015 Zero Statistical Evidence of Voter Fraud in North Carolina, Expert Testifies in Voting Rights Trial

7.21.2015 Politicians Exploit Kathryn Steinle’s Death to Advance Political Agenda; Their Actions Are Morally Reprehensible

7.20.2015 Witness Testifies on Losing Her Vote in 2014 Election, as North Carolina Voting Rights Trial Reaches Second Week

7.17.2015 North Carolina Voting Rights Trial Highlights Discriminatory Intent and What Legislators Knew Before Passing Voter Suppression Law 

7.15.2015 Day 3 of North Carolina Trial Highlights Voter Suppression ­­­– By the Numbers

7.14.2015 North Carolina Voting Rights Trial Starts with Strong Testimony

7.8.2015 Federal Trial Against North Carolina Voter Suppression Law Starts July 13, Followed by Mass March for Voting Rights

6.26.2015 Louisville Community Leaders Condemn Lack of Accountability Following Threatening Letter from River City FOP

6.26.2015 Advancement Project Celebrates Historic Supreme Court Ruling to Affirm Marriage Equality

6.24.2015 Hand-picked Group of Activists Selected to Meet with Louisville Police Chief; Participants Call for Open Community Town Hall to Advance Demands

6.23.2015 New Virginia Majority and Advancement Project Applaud Virginia Governor for Expanding Voting Rights Restoration, Eliminating Barrier of Court Fees 

6.23.2015 Peaceful Protestors Bring List of Demands to Louisville Metro Police Department, Find Headquarters Shut Down 

6.22.2015 River City FOP Letter an Egregious Attempt to Intimidate Community

6.18.2015 Family of Rev. Depayne Middleton, Killed in Terrorist Attack on Historic Black Church, Grieve Loss; Call for Unity and Justice

6.18.2015 Civil rights organizations issue joint statement on the shooting at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina

6.18.2015 Advancement Project Stands in Solidarity with Charleston, SC in Mourning Terrorist Attack on Historic African-American Church

5.27.2015 Civil Rights Groups Denounce 5th Circuit Decision to Delay Relief for Millions of Immigrants

5.27.2015 Advancement Project Condemns Maryland Governor’s Decision to Deny Voting Rights for 40,000 Marylanders

5.24.2015 Official Statement of Timothy Ray Russell’s Family

5.1.2015 Charges Against Baltimore Police are an Encouraging Sign of Accountability

4.28.2015 Advancement Project Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Marriage Equality

4.28.2015 Mississippi Grassroots Organization Files Federal Complaint Against School Board and School District, Citing Racial Discrimination in Discipline Policies

4.23.2015 Advancement Project Applauds Loretta Lynch Confirmation as Attorney General

4.22.2015 Civil Rights Groups Condemn Police Killings of Unarmed Latinos

4.10.2015 40,000 Marylanders Set to Regain Voting Rights as State Legislature Passes Historic Voting Law

4.6.2015 Supreme Court Denies Review of North Carolina Voting Law, Restores Key Voting Provisions as Case Continues

3.26.2015 St. Louis Police Agree with Civil Rights Attorneys to Stop Use of Tear Gas, Other Chemical Agents on Ferguson Protesters

3.23.2015 With Supreme Court’s Rejection of Wisconsin Voter ID Law Case, Countless Voters Remain Barred from Ballot Box

3.4.2015 Don’t Shoot Coalition Responds to Release of DOJ Findings of Racial Profiling by Ferguson Police and Recommendations Issued by the President’s Policing Task Force; Calls for Federal Oversight and Sweeping Policy Reform

2.25.2015 Advancement Project Files Brief to Supreme Court, Slamming Wisconsin’s Position on Voter ID and Urging Attention to the Case Against the State’s Law

2.17.2015 Civil Rights Organizations Stand with Arab and Muslim Communities in Wake of Chapel Hill Shootings

2.11.2015 Advancement Project Condemns Recent Acts of Violence and Intolerance

2.10.2015 Diverse Coalition of Civil Rights and Legal Groups File Briefs Urging Supreme Court to Address Voter ID as Issue of National Importance

1.28.2015 Advancement Project Supports the Swift Confirmation of Attorney General Nominee, Loretta Lynch

1.22.2015 Advancement Project Supports Proposal to Amend U.S. Constitution and Recognize Voting as a Fundamental Right

12.12.2014 Ferguson Activists Earn Victory; Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order on Police Tear Gas Misuse

12.11.2014 Demonstrators File Suit Challenging Police Overreach, Ask Court to Order Police to Stop Misuse of Tear Gas

12.3.2014 Advancement Project Statement in Response to Grand Jury’s Decision to Not Indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the Chokehold Death of Eric Garner

11.24.2014 Advancement Project Statement in Response to the Grand Jury’s Decision Not to Indict Officer Darren Wilson

11.20. 2014 President Obama’s Executive Action Provides Relief for Humanitarian Crises in Immigrant Communities

11.7.2014 Civil Rights Groups Stand in Solidarity and Awe of Young Activists in Ferguson

10.27.2014 Youth of Color, Racial Justice Groups March on Annual Conference of Police Chiefs to Demand Fair Policing Practices

10.9.2014 Wisconsin Voter ID Law Halted, as Supreme Court Blocks Appeals Court Order

10.8.2014 SCOTUS Blocks Appeals Court Order, Obstructs Voting Access by Reinstating Restrictive Measures

10.7.2014 Advancement Project Files to Stay Recent Appeals Court Decision on Discriminatory Voter ID Law

10.2.2014 Voter Suppression Campaign Goes to SCOTUS as NC Seeks Reverse on Appeal of Discriminatory Measures

10.2.2014 Civil Rights Groups File SCOTUS Petition over WI Efforts to Restrict Voting Weeks Before Election

10.1.2014 Appeals Court Calls for Preliminary Injunction on Key Parts of NC Voter Suppression Law

9.26.2014 Civil Rights Group Will Pursue All Options to Ensure Access to the Ballot Box in Wisconsin

9.25.2014 NC NAACP Argues Before Federal Appeals Court that Voter Suppression Law Will Block Ballot Access

9.25.2014 Advancement Project Honors the Legacy of Attorney General Eric Holder

9.17.2014 Advancement Project, ACLU File for a Rehearing in Wisconsin Voter ID Case

9.15.2014 Advancement Project Remembers the Victims of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

9.12.2014 Appeals Court Decision to Allow Wisconsin Voter ID Law in November Elections Deeply Troubling, Undermines Democracy

8.21.2014 North Carolina NAACP to Appeal Federal Judge’s Ruling in Battle Over State’s Voter Suppression Law

8.20.2014 Not One More: It’s Time to End America’s Decades-Long Legacy of Killing Black Men and Boys

7.31.2014 Statement: Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling on Voter ID Undermines Fundamental Right to Vote

7.30.2014 Statement on U.S. Department of Justice Filing Amicus Brief in Wisconsin Voter ID Case

7.11.2014 NC NAACP Legal Team Presents Evidence That the Struggle for Voting Rights Is Not A Relic of the Past

7.9.2014 Day 2 of North Carolina Hearing Reveals Discriminatory Intent, Effect of Voting Law

7.8.2014 Hearing to Challenge North Carolina’s Voter Suppression Law Starts with Compelling Testimonies

7.7.2014 North Carolina NAACP and Others Challenge State’s Voter Suppression Law in Federal Court

7.2.2014 Advancement Project Recognizes the 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

6.3.2014 Wisconsin Officials Vehemently Defend Discriminatory Voting Law

6.2.2014 New Video Highlights Need to Return to Common Sense Discipline

5.16.2014 Advancement Project Recognizes the Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

5.15.2014 Advancement Project Applauds DOE’s Guidance for Charter Schools

5.13.2014 Civil Rights and Education Justice Groups File Title VI Complaints in Chicago, New Orleans and Newark

5.08.2014 Governor Declines to Appeal Loss In PA Voter ID Lawsuit

4.29.2014 Judge Affirms Commitment to Democracy, Strikes Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law

4.18.2014 Advancement Project Applauds Virginia Governor for Expanding Voting Rights Restoration

4.02.2014 Florida Purge Program Was Illegal, Rules Federal Court 

3.28.2014 Federal Magistrate Declares North Carolina Legislators Do Not Have Blanket Immunity To Conceal Information Pertaining To Voter Suppression Measure Which Stands To Block Millions From The Polls 

3.27.2014 After Criticism from Organizations, Florida Secretary of State Temporarily Abandons Voter Purge

3.21.2014 To Be Successful In School, All Children Deserve A Head Start, Not A Head Start To The Juvenile Justice System

3.20.2014 New Restorative Justice Toolkit May Help Reduce Disparities In School Disciplinary Policies 

3.20.2014 Coalition of Organizations Support New Bills to Comprehensively Protect Right to Vote in Florida

3.13.2014 Research Collaborative Identifies Promising Initiatives to Address Discipline Gaps by Race, Gender, Disability, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

3.7.2014 Advancement Project Recognizes Anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' and the Voting Rights Movement

3.5.2014 Civil Rights Group Condemns Senate Vote Blocking Debo Adegbile’s DOJ Confirmation

2.27.2014 Civil Rights Group Encouraged by Obama Administration’s Commitment to Addressing Racial Inequality

2.25.2014 Civil Rights Group Urges Wisconsin Lawmakers To Abandon  Engine Of Discrimination, Repeal Voter Id Law

2.21.2014 Ohio Legislature Passes Supersized Voter Suppression Bills

2.16.2014 Failure to Convict Michael Dunn of First Degree Murder a Travesty; Must be Rectified in Second Trial 

2.11.2014 Professor Spencer Overton Is The Right Choice To Lead Joint Center

2.10.2014 Eyes Of A Nation Should Steadfastly Focus On Jordan Davis Murder Trial

1.23.2014 Groups Urging DOJ To Dismantle School-To-Prison Pipeline In Wake County Public School System

1.20.2014 Advancement Project Celebrates Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

1.17.2014 Democracy Prevails in Pennsylvania Voter ID Trial

1.16.2014 Voting Rights Act Amendment a Significant Step; Concerns Remain

1.8.2014 Civil Rights and Community Groups Applaud DOJ/DOE Race and School Discipline Guidance for Schools 

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