Aziz v. Mayer

Advancement Project, the ACLU and Fair Elections Legal Network brought suit, challenging a proposed 2012 ballot initiative in Missouri that would have amended the state constitution to allow for restrictive photo ID requirements for voting. Advancement Project and partners challenged the ballot measure, entitled the “Voter Protection Act,” on behalf of Missouri voters who stood to be restricted from voting if it passed.  Ever since the Missouri Supreme Court ruled in Weinschenk v. State in 2006 that a photo ID requirement for voting imposes “a heavy and substantial burden on Missourians’ free exercise of the right of suffrage,” the legislature has attempted to place a ballot initiative before voters to weaken the voting protections in the state constitution and allow for photo ID. In March 2012, the court ruled in favor of plaintiffs and struck the ballot initiative on grounds that calling the measure  a “Voter Protection Act” would be “deceptive and misleading” to Missouri voters.

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