Response to Trump’s Comments on Immigration Ruling by 5th Circuit Court


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November 11, 2015                                        


Response to Trump’s Comments on Immigration Ruling by 5th Circuit Court

WASHINGTON - At last night’s Republican debate on Fox Business Network, Donald Trump praised the ruling by the 5th Circuit Court, which upheld the injunction blocking implementation of a DACA expansion as well as DAPA. In response, the national racial justice group Advancement Project issued the following statement: 

“It is not surprising Donald Trump takes delight in a flawed ruling that threatens to tear apart and separate millions of hardworking families around the country,” said Flavia Jiménez, Senior Attorney and Project Director of Immigrant Justice at Advancement Project. “People of color are already over-policed and criminalized, and are now being forced further into uncertainty and fear as a result of this ruling.”

“Still, Trump’s attempts to rub salt in a wound will prove counterproductive. With the same resilience that brought millions of undocumented families this far, the immigrant rights movement and their supporters will move forward and achieve justice for families.

“Thanks to the bold organizing immigrant communities have led in the field, grassroots groups are mustering political muscle to overcome racist opposition to common-sense, humane solutions. Even as the Supreme Court has an opportunity to correct what the Appeals court got wrong, those on last night’s debate stage should be on notice: The era of bending to the far right and terrorizing communities will soon be over. The question is, who will be on the right side of history, and who will continue criminalizing and separating families?” 


Advancement Project is a multi-racial civil rights organization. Founded by a team of veteran civil rights lawyers in 1999, Advancement Project was created to develop and inspire community-based solutions based on the same high quality legal analysis and public education campaigns that produced the landmark civil rights victories of earlier eras.