Obama Administration Asking Supreme Court to Review Obstacles to Commonsense Immigration

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November 20, 2015                                                    


Statement on Obama Administration Asking Supreme Court to Review Obstacles to Commonsense Immigration Measures

Washington – Today, the Obama administration requested that the United States Supreme Court review a ruling that is currently blocking implementation of immigration measures enacted by President Obama exactly one year ago: DAPA and a DACA expansion. In response, María Rodríguez, Executive Director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), and Penda D. Hair, Co-Director of Advancement Project, released the following statement:

“Mothers, fathers, siblings and cousins belong in their families and communities. That is how this country was built, and that is what DAPA and the DACA expansion affirm,” said María Rodríguez, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC). “By filing with the Supreme Court today, the Department of Justice has given the high court a chance take the politics out of family separation and agree that family members belong with their loved ones.”

“We have come this close to victory because families across the country have lost fear. Going forward, whether in the courts or at the ballot box, we will continue to raise the moral, economic, and political urgency facing immigrant communities. The arc of the moral universe bends toward justice, and we will not stop until we win.”

“Immigrants and communities of color are living in times of crisis. They are over-policed and over-criminalized,” said Penda D. Hair, Co-Director of Advancement Project. “We applaud the Obama administration for moving for a swift defense of DACA and a DAPA expansion. These measures would bring a semblance of normalcy to immigrant families who simply want to live freely in their communities and not fear that an interaction with authorities will mean losing a parent or child. The court should rule in their favor, and we will stand by the immigrant-rights movement to continue dismantling racist systemic barriers that preclude communities of color from having the dignity, safety and fulfilment they deserve.”



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