They Stood Up. So Can You.

Personal Voter Stories Trailer by Advancement Project: A Stanley Nelson Production

Meet five real-life heroes who stood up for the right to vote this year. Challenged by restrictive photo ID laws and voter intimidation, these citizens pushed back against politicians and individual citizens alike to ensure that they – and their communities – have their say at the voting booth. Thanks to their courage and tenacity, all of them will be voting on November 6. Watch the rest of the film series to hear their full stories.

Personal Voter Story: Bettye and Debra by the Advancement Project- A Stanley Nelson Production

Bettye Jones and her daughter Debra Crawford, detail the long struggle to get a Wisconsin photo ID for Bettye, who was born in the segregated south and never issued a birth certificate.

Bettye is the lead plaintiff in an Advancement Project lawsuit challenging Wisconsin's photo ID law. A court blocked the law – and she is voting on November 6.

Personal Voter Story: Joy and Emmanuel by the Advancement Project- A Stanley Nelson Production

Joy and Emmanuel were plaintiffs in Advancement Project’s lawsuit challenging a Missouri photo ID ballot initiative. The court struck down the ballot initiative, and both are voting on November 6.

Joy Lieberman discusses the concern she had about being unable to renew her photo ID, due to a glitch on her birth certificate (her middle name, which she goes by, isn't on it).

Emmanuel Aziz, who has multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair, explains the difficulties of traveling to multiple offices for the required documentation.

Personal Voter Story: Elvira by Advancement Project - A Stanley Nelson Production

Elvira Diaz talks about the harassment she faced while registering Latino voters in Reno, Nevada, and why she is dedicated to helping her community vote.

Despite the intimidation, Elvira's campaign registered nearly 4,000 voters in Reno.