Here’s the Latest on North Carolina

In July, our team spent three weeks in federal court representing the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP and individual plaintiffs in their legal challenge to North Carolina’s massive voter suppression law, H.B. 589. With over one million pages of evidence submitted to the court, we strongly made the case that North Carolina’s law violates the Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution. The judge is still reviewing the case and a ruling is pending.

In the meantime, we have some good news to report.

In October, our legal team returned to court for a hearing on the portion of the law that requires limited forms of photo ID to vote. This summer’s trial did not include our challenge to the strict photo ID requirement because the state legislature passed a last-minute amendment to the law just weeks before trial, leaving too little time to review the implications before trial. While the state argued that with the changes to the law our challenge to photo ID requirement should be completely wiped from the case, we maintained that as long as the photo ID requirement is on the books, we have a claim that its impact will disproportionately burden the state’s African American and Latino voters. In our hearing, the judge agreed.

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The judge found that our challenge to the photo ID requirement deserves to have its day in court and set a tentative trial date in January 2016. We put forth evidence this summer showing that the passage of the photo ID requirement in 2013 was motivated by race, and we are ready to prove that the last-minute changes to the law will continue to disproportionately harm the state’s African American and Latino voters.

As we prep for this next round of trial and await a ruling on everything argued in our first round, including the cuts to early voting, the elimination of same-day registration, out of precinct voting, pre-registration and so much more, we could use your help…

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