Daughter of Wisconsin plaintiff Bettye Jones, on the recent court ruling, striking down Voter ID law

On behalf of my mother, the late Bettye Jones, I personally extend heartfelt respect and appreciation to Denise Lieberman, Charlotte King, Leigh Chapman, James Eichner and Cynthia Gordy at Advancement Project, and Charles Curtis, John Ulin and Marco Martemucci at Arnold & Porter LLC. I am also grateful to so many others behind the scenes whom I am unable to name, who worked tirelessly to preserve this important right.

My mother would be proud to know that her refusal to be silent made a difference. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was introduced to enforce equal rights under the law. Judge Lynn Adelman should be proud that he recognized the spirit and intent of that law, ensuring that those rights remain protected and preserved even in 2014 and beyond. Judge Adelman listened to the citizens, saw the evidence of my mother and others, and heard the appeal for equity. He ruled on the side of justice for all.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 will be remembered as a day when the rights of people prevailed over politics. Thank you, Judge Adelman on behalf of Bettye Jones, a concerned citizen, who along with my dad would both be proud.

-- Debra Crawford